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Choosing the Chartered Accountant Career Path

There are many career paths that we can take, but if you are interested in becoming a chartered accountant, it is good to know the right and proper way of becoming one. What is good about being a chartered accountant is that you don’t follow a rigid work schedule, you can earn a lot of money, and you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Being a chartered accountant has many perks, and it sounds like a really interesting and fulfilling career path. If you are somehow encouraged to take this path, you need to follow some steps to ensure that you will take the right path for your career success.

The most important thing about having a career is that you should be educated in the field that you are planning to enter before you do enter it.

The chartered accountant field consist of several different specialties that you can focus on. An accountant can specialize in auditing. Another specializes in chartered management accounting. And there is also a charatered public and finance accountant. Whatever you specialty needs are, your education and training should be specific to these needs.

If you really want to work as a chartered accountant, then you should earn your bachelor’ or associate degrees. If you are going to take a degree make sure that it is something connected or important to the industry and it should at least be connected to business, economics, or accounting. However, if you have already earned a degree on whatever field of study, you can still improve your skills as an accountant if you take additional courses that will accomplish this. So, you can take up courses being offered by local and online colleges including business, accounting, auditing, and finance.

After earning your degree, the next step is enrolling in a training course specifically designed for chartered accounting. Whether you take your training live or online, this will help you improve your skills in chartered accounting. In these training classes, you will also be prepared for your chartered accounting exams. In order to become a professional chartered accountant, you need to pass these exams.

You need at least three years working experience in a professional setting in order for you to become a part of a chartered accounting program. In order to fulfill the requirement you can ask your university, college, or your local chartered accountant association to let you work as an intern.

Once you have finished everything, from getting a degree, training, and years of experience working in a professional setting, you can now take your qualifying exam. in some places testing lasts for up to three days. Becoming a full-fledged chartered accountant required you to get a passing mark in your test.

Now, upon passing your tests you are ready to take on the challenges of a chartered accountant. There is no problem looking for a place to practice your chartered accountancy career. With the guide above you will then be on your way to a career path as a chartered accountant.