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Signs of Heat in a Female Dog Humans keep several types of animals in their homes. Some of the examples of types of animals that are kept at homes are donkeys, cows, goats, and pets. Each and every type of animals kept at home play important roles to its keeper. Pets are kinds of animals kept for relationship. Pets provide security in our homes. Dogs for an example do away with human predators such as thieves and stray animals. Cats are known to help in controlling pests. Cats have been known to do away with pests such as rats, mice, and moles. Pets help in lowering stress in human beings through their relationships. Some people keep pets for business reasons. Some people breed puppies and kittens for business reasons. Pets are supposed to be taken care off at all times. There are several ways pets can be taken care off. We can take care of our pets by proper housing. The house of pets should be free of dirt, cold, excess heat, and pests. People can take care of their pets by feeding them well. Pets should be given healthy foods like human beings. Pet owners can take care of them by controlling diseases and pests. We should look for a veterinary when our pets get sick. We should use the appropriate insecticide when controlling pests on pets. It is good to exercise our pets for health reasons. Exercises reduce fat in the body of pets. Obesity in pets can come through extra calorie. Pets can be taken off by managing their estrous cycles. Expect female dogs to get on heat like beings. Expect a dog in heat to get pregnant when it meets with its male counterpart. It has been known for a female dog to get heat twice in a year. This shows that a dog can have puppies twice in a year. A female dog also gets on heat between its sixth to fourteen months of age. People who want their dogs to stop from producing puppies do spaying to them. Keepers of female dogs can spay them during their early or late age. It has been known for some people to lack the knowledge on the signs of dogs on heat. There are several signs to look at when a female dog is in a heat. One sign to tell your female dog is on heat is males hanging around the property. It has been known for a female dog on heat to produce a liquid that attracts males. Bleeding from its vagina is one of the signs of a dog on heat. A female dog on heat has a red and swelling vulva. Female dog on a heat has a higher temperature than the normal temperature. It has been known for a dog on heat to urinate frequently.

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